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True story: The 1895 Jameson Raid on Transvaal that killed 18, and led to the Second Boer War and independence of Zimbabwe, was caused by a single misplaced full stop in a cable carried by The Times.

In short: how you write matters. Even if war is not your business, your copywriting is the face of your organization, big or small. Every day, sensible people, who’d never dream of wearing flip-flops to meet a customer, write ‘their’ when they mean ‘they’re’ in their sales letters. Or can only describe their latest product line as ‘good’. That’s not good.

The Flying Pencils team is a group of qualified, Singapore copywriters with a proven track record, measured in years and backed by satisfied clients, of copywriting for web and print. Our initial needs assessment for our clients’ copy is as brisk as it is incisive – the writing is engaging and crisp. We know where to cut, and how.

Every step of the way, we give our clients regular status updates and clear communication of where we’re taking your copy. Even if you’re not in Singapore, with our policy of frequent, open communication, you will feel like we’re right there in your office. You don’t just get first-rate copy; you get a trusting, honest working relationship with Flying Pencils.

Our reasonable rates are scalable, customized and pro-rated to your specific copy needs. Whether you are a large company or an SME, we need you to be comfortable working with us. We think everybody deserves better copy.

Oh and of course, this is all deadline guaranteed.

Our copywriting agency prides itself on using the right words to bring out the best in our clients. Because even if you have two PhDs and taught Stephen Hawking himself, like it or not, we know that people will judge you when you write “Thank god its Friday”

Get our Flying Pencils professionals for your copywriting and copyediting needs. Too many clients are getting hurt from bad copy.

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