Meet the Editor

IMG-20150125-WA0008Ask a room of writers if they use the serial comma: half will say ‘yes’ and the other half ‘no’.

Hu Fangda is the kind of copywriter who would ask you, “Chicago style or AP?”

The writing experience he carries, including a stint at a commercial publishing house, means that your copy will be in hands you can trust. His fluency with the language gives clients copyediting where the subject will always agree harmoniously with its verb. He delivers copy that is compelling to the mind and pleasing to the eyes and ears.

After all, he would know about writing that is beautiful: he’s a professionally produced and reviewed playwright with work at TheatreWorks Inc and the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

Fangda, via Flying Pencils, is currently the sole copywriting partner to Positron Productions LLC, Singapore. He is delighted to have been able to work with the great people of Ethos Books Singapore, OpenLectures LLC, Raffles Junior College, LeadMonster Inc, and BigKampong.

He will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in the City of New York, in 2019.

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