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Article headerSure, you can make the argument that everybody can write; if we take writing to mean writing a shopping list, an email, a Facebook post or a letter.

If you need something more substantial, though, that’s where most people flounder.

Not everybody can write in a way that fleshes out a story or a person. Not everybody has the stomach for research, reams of humdrum source material, fact-checking, interviews, tedious copyediting and oh, the endless drafts and redrafts under deadline.

That is when you call in the experts: a copywriting team, proven by years of experience writing for all media, trained in the art of prose and the science of research. Flying Pencils will give your content a fresh breath of life; our versatility in writing style will give your subject humour when humour is warranted and solemnity when solemnity is required.

We write articles that people want to read, because the writing is contemplative, entertaining or insightful.

To give your article the extra visual punch, our partnership with Positron Productions lets us provide our clients bundled design and photography services. We produce consistent, quality visuals – at no extra fuss. Why deal with a copywriter and a photographer and a graphic designer when you can just deal with us?

Travel writing, features, profiles, reviews, magazines, periodicals, longform articles and blogs – if you are ready to take your original content to new heights, we want to talk to you.

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